Suppama brings the following unique events to you – in case we don’t, then let us know about it, and we will.

We offer paddle trips into sunrise, into sunset and we even paddle few full moon nights over the summer with effective LED lightning on our beautiful Suppama SUP boards.

Your imagination doesn’t have to be too good to understand how much emotions these trips offer you. Suppama is proud to offer our guests the opportunity to see why Stand-up Paddle boarding (SUP) is the hottest craze in the world and the fastest growing sport on earth.



Reservation process on our website is very easy. First you have to choose a product that you would like to rent or an event that you would like to attend to. Secondly you will be displayed the availability in a calendar view where the most convenient date and time slot should be selected. Thirdly the regular checkout procedure with online payment and you are ready to collect your product or attend to one of our cool events.

Unforgettable Benefits

  • Our Boards

    Our Boards are so sturdy that you can do yoga on them.

  • Unbeatable Convenience

    They’re the size of a suitcase when deflated, so you can take them anywhere. Pump included.

  • Sweet Memories

    You’ll only regret not going…Do you think This couple Will ever forget this? Neither will you! So come to paddle boarding, without a doubt you won’t regret it..